Sunday, May 3, 2009

Joe West

So, I finally got to meet Joe West.

Every year a friend of ours throws a fun Kentucky Derby party. Music, food, Mint Julips, and good friends. This year Joe, Sharon Gilchrist , and Josh Martin were the entertainment for Alan and Lisa's party.

When the band got there, I introduced myself and told Joe that a couple of other musicians would love to sit in, if the band was amenable . The band was cool with that, so as a result, I managed to grab a couple of recordings of Joe, Sharon, Josh, me, and Jaime Michaels (Santa Fe singer-songwriter) having a fun Derby party jam. The recordings are live, meaning lots of party sounds are in the background.

Joe & his band:

Click a picture to enlarge, click a music link to listen.

Here Joe's band after they let the riff-raff in: Shake'n Some Booty/ Good Hearted Woman. And here's Jamie cooking off a number.

BTW, Josh does a scary good Dylan. You should definitely catch him at the next opportunity.

Thanks, Allen and Lisa for hosting a wonderful party, and thanks Joe, Sharon, and Josh for letting us sit in with your band!