Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Night with Felix y Los Gatos at the Cowgirl, 8-21-2010

 There was some serious fun going on last Saturday night at the Cowgirl.

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The Cowgirl Hall of Fame is always fun when the Gatos play there, and last Saturday was no exception.  As usual, Felix welcomed a number of musician friends who dropped by to sit in with the band.  Saturday's guests included Joe Daddy and Jeff Sipe, Terry on bass, birthday boy Freddy Lopez, and me. Here's one of the Gatos' opening numbers.

Check out this one led by Joe Daddy a bit later.

There's that patented Jeff Sipe smile.

The Gatos were celebrating several birthdays, including Felix's, Freddy's and mine.

I sat in for a polka -- people were still whooping it up around 1:00am.

Near the end of the evening Felix led off this jazz number featuring a nice drum solo by Mikey Chavez.

Good to see you again, Gatos!  Catch you next time.


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