Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday Evening Latin Jazz at the Pink Adobe Dragon Room

We've been going to the Dragon Room since shortly after it opened in the early 80's.  It has undergone a few changes since Rosalee, the original owner passed away a few years ago.  In '84 we would come over to the Pink after work on Friday and find Rosalea in her corner with Rhett Butler, her big black dog sitting next to her.

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Last night we spoke with the new manager at the Dragon Room, Natasha.  We were pleased that she was sensitive to the history of the Pink and the Dragon Room and wanted to preserve the character of the place which has made it such a popular watering hole for so many Santa Feans over the years.  

And yes!  She's getting a replacement popcorn machine!  Also, if you go during the week you should try out the $5 BBQ beef sliders, or any of the other bar food -- it all looked good.

We went there last Saturday evening because I had bumped into Eduardo, a musician friend of my earlier in the week, and he invited me to come over and sit in with his Latin jazz group.  Edwardo is an absolutely amazing flute player -- pan flute, wooden, silver.  I jumped at the opportunity to play music with him again -- I hadn't seen him in about three years.

So, last night there was Eduardo,



and Stan:

Here's a bit of James singing Ain't No Sunshine, with Mud Pony Stan on harp.

It was nice to see my favorite old bar in Santa Fe begin to fill up with people. The place was packed by the end of the evening.

It was even nicer that they were enjoying the band.  Check out this bit -- wait for Eduardo's flute about 2  minutes into it.

It was good to be at the Dragon Room again.

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